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Airton do Prado zal in juni 2020 de 54e editie van de Monstertocht fietsen, een tocht van 543 kilometer van Trondheim naar Oslo. Hij doet dit om geld op te halen voor Stichting PLN.

Sponsor Airton en help hem om geld in te zamelen voor Stichting PLN.

“I am a father and an expat living in Groningen. Having double citizenship, I try to present the best from where I come from (Brazil) and the country that I feel strongly connected to (Switzerland). For example, if I am in charge to plan a party. I will mostly use my Brazilian side but to establish the timetable, deadlines I will certainly use the Swiss side and watch out that I don’t do vice-versa. Doing sports is a part of my life and I practice diverse modalities. I achieved my best results with judo while winning a bronze medal at the student world championship (Belfort, France, 1988).

I started cycling relatively late and by accident. After I got a knee surgery the doctor suggested me to start cycling as a means of recovery. That was the start of my big passion – cycling! There are many reasons why I am cycling the Styrkeprøven again. The combination of helping people and doing an amazing challenge is what I love to do. The first time, the Styrkeprøven was a tremendous effort and after crossing the finish line I ended up in the hospital. Even this way, it was a wonderful experience. I thought I would never do it again, but then I got involved with the PLN project. I met the patients, their families, and friends. I saw the touching video of the Interview from Wouter . This inspired me not to give up and to do my very best. All diseases deserve efforts to find a cure. Especially when the problem is bad luck in the “genetic lottery”.

The Styrkeprøven 2019 is a new challenge. I am planning not to end in the hospital! That is why now I am training, even better, to prepare for the 540 km ride once more.” (note: Airton finished his second Styrkeprøven in a brilliant time!) Airton will cycle again with us this year, for the third time! “

“Some weeks after the first Styrkeprøven 2018 I was checked and ended up not having a big problem, but the doctor told that I have a big heart (literally). Would you have a “big heart” (not literally) and sponsor me?”

Namens Airton en alle PLN-patiënten, dankuwel.

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